EarthSource Geo LLC is a prime contractor for Ground Source Heating and Cooling contracts. Our company provides complete “turn key” installations. This includes system design, drilling, excavation, fusion welding, pressure testing, back filling, heat pump equipment installation, and system commissioning.

It is important to have an organized, coordinated effort by experienced, certified personnel. Our thorough project management results in an efficient process, with an open line of communication between all participating parties. We have assembled a team of professionals who have the necessary training and field experience to insure that each system performs as it should. Please see the Bios on Our Team members.

In addition to GSHP systems, we often contract for Heat Recovery Ventilation systems (HRV’s). These systems provide an energy efficient means of supplying fresh outside air to a building, contributing to added comfort, and a healthier indoor environment.

Let us provide you with an analysis of how GSHP and HRV systems can provide you with unbeatable heating, cooling, and fresh air systems.

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EarthSource, LLC is a proud member of the Colorado Geo Energy & Heat Pump Association.


EarthSource Geo, LLC is an IGSHPA Accredited Installer.

Why Should You Consider Installing A GSHP?
A better question should be why not?

Why not install the most cost efficient, reliable, environmentally clean* heating and cooling system available?

*The EPA has called Geothermal heat pump systems (GSHP ’s) the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available.